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Video: Eleven Men Profess First Augustinian Vows

If you've been following our blog for the past few weeks, you have probably already heard by now that eleven young men professed their first vows as Augustinians this summer. The Augustinian Order in North America has not had so many men profess religious vows in one year for several decades!

By now, these newly professed friars have started studying at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where they are earning graduate degrees to prepare them for active ministry. In fact, since all our men studying at Catholic Theological Union share one "Theologate" building, all twenty bedrooms are filled! We're literally running out of room; this is a good problem to have as we anticipate more men beginning theological studies next year!

Anyways, if you've read our story or seen our photo gallery of their professions, that's one thing. Watching the video - capturing some incredibly special moments at their professions as if you were there - is another. Please enjoy the 4 1/2 minute video above.

Oh, and share with your friends and family too!


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