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30 Pearls of Wisdom from Fr. Bernie's 30 Years of Priesthood

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The following is an excerpt from a homily preached by Fr. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A., on the celebration of his 30th Year of Ordination as an Augustinian Priest at the Villanova University Chapel on Sunday, November 12, 2023.

  1. All is a gift from God.

  2. Count your blessings.

  3. Listen twice as much as you speak (that's why we have two ears and one mouth).

  4. Become more comfortable with grey: not everything is not black and white.

  5. Always ask. The worst thing you can get is “no” – as the great hockey player, Wayne Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So ask, and every once in a while, you might have to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

  6. Attitude is everything...

  7. ...and attitude is your choice.

  8. Showing up on time is 90% of most things.

  9. Appreciate nature (and for me, that means going fishing).

  10. Enjoy quiet time. Let God speak to you.

  11. Be generous, for God loves a cheerful giver, and in giving, we receive.

  12. Leave a place better than you found it.

  13. Appreciate the lives of the Saints as examples.

  14. Let it go. Let go of grudges and guilts and past hurts.

  15. Say no to perfectionism and yes to excellence.

  16. Hope does not disappoint.

  17. Have no time for negativity, pessimism or pettiness.

  18. Choose to smile. Even when things are challenging.

  19. Learn to laugh at yourself.

  20. Always make progress.

  21. Celebrate small victories (I'm a Cubs fan, after all).

  22. Don't make decisions based on praise or criticism (in other words, don't read the comments).

  23. To those to whom much is given much is expected.

  24. It's your church, Lord, I'm going to bed.

  25. Say please, thank you, and I'm sorry when appropriate.

  26. By praising what is good in others, we ourselves become better.

  27. Always be humble and kind.

  28. Choose to live a joyful life.

  29. Gratitude is the simplest and greatest prayer.

  30. We're here to help, to love, and to serve the Lord and each other.

God bless all of you as we continue to search for wisdom and search for God together.


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