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Video: The Solemn Professions of Br. Bill and Br. Jeremy

We look forward with joy to this coming June 26th, when the Augustinians will ordain three new priests in the Villanova Province: Br. Elizandro Contreras, O.S.A.; Br. Bill Gabriel, O.S.A.; and Br. Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A.

In this spirit of anticipation, we are sharing a new video of the Solemn Professions of Br. Bill and Br. Jeremy, made on November 14th of last year. The video includes some inspiring words from the pair about their call to the Augustinians.

We also invite you to view the video of Elizandro's Solemn Profession, which he made together with Br. Daniel Madden, O.S.A. on December 21st of 2019

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