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So you've finished reading St. Augustine's Confessions...

Finished the Confessions by St. Augustine and looking for more reading content from our order's namesake saint? Br. Spencer Thomas, O.S.A. has some recommended reading.

So you’ve read Augustine’s Confessions, and perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What’s next?” If you find yourself restless for more, here are a few books to work out the muscle of your restless hearts.

Collected Letters—St. Augustine

For those seeking a more private portrait of the famous bishop, I would recommend reading his letters. Of the numerous personal letters that Augustine wrote, several hundred of them exist to this day and can be accessed either online or in a multi-volume print edition. These letters are a treasure trove offering us a unique vantage point into Augustine’s more personal role as a pastor with a true shepherd’s heart.

The Life of Augustine —Possidius

This one is for the ‘biographiles’ out there. Penned by one of Augustine’s closest friends, this 5th century biography gives us an eloquent, precious picture of Augustine’s life by one properly suited to the task. From it, we learn so much more about the person of Augustine as he lived out his life and call as a lover of Christ.

On the Road with St. Augustine —James Smith

If you find yourself striving to integrate the timeless wisdom of Augustine’s spirituality into your own life, then this text might be for you. James Smith brings the spiritual legacy of the “Doctor of Grace” face to face with all of struggles and worries of our present day . With Augustine as your traveling guide, embark on an interior pilgrimage of faith.

City of God —St. Augustine

Lastly, if you’re up for a bit of a challenge, this magnum opus provides a deeper dive into Augustine the theologian, engaging questions of suffering, free will, and the existence of evil to name a few. It is an exciting text, even if a bit long, that provides a rich window into Augustine’s 5th-century world. I would recommend the abridged study edition by New City Press.


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