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Our 2019 Augustinian Formation Gathering

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The Federation of Augustinians of North America (FANA) held their annual “Formation Gathering” at Villanova University over the first four days of August. The Gathering brings together men in all stages of initial formation with the Augustinians, as well as those within their first five years of solemn vows and/or priesthood.

It was a time for fraternal prayer and fellowship among our newest members. It featured a series of presentations by friars regarding community life, an open panel with the Prior Provincials of all three FANA Provinces, and a group tour through historic Philadelphia.

All men under temporary vows also renewed their yearly profession to the Augustinian Vicar General from Rome, Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A.

Many beautiful pictures were taken, which we are excited to share with you!!

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