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We Celebrate the Restless Journey of Brothers Stephen Isley OSA and Joe Ruiz OSA

On August, 28, two men professed their solemn (perpetual) vows in the Augustinian Order at the Saint Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel in Chicago. By doing so, Brother Stephen Isley, O.S.A.; and Joe Ruiz, O.S.A.; marked Step 7 of our 9 Steps of the Augustinian Formation Process.

As he is called to serve as a religious brother, Brother Joe now completes his initial formation with the Augustinians. He has began his first active ministry following his solemn profession by serving in Campus Ministry at the Augustinians' St. Rita of Cascia High School in Chicago.

Brother Stephen Isley, O.S.A., continues his formation, as he seeks to enter the priesthood in 2017.

We are honored to present this video commemorating this significant commitment they are both making. The video is narrated by the Very Reverend Bernard C. Scianna, O.S.A., Ph.D., Prior Provincial of the Midwest Augustinians.

Please enjoy! And share the video with others!

Restless journey and tireless pursuit. Restless journey and tireless pursuit. And so we enter into the dance between God and man ...
On this Feast of Saint Augustine, we look at Augustine's restless journey to find God. To find peace. To find joy. And here we are 1600 years later celebrating this life of our Holy Father, Augustine. Restless journey, certainly, but tireless pursuit of God to bring Augustine where He wanted him.
Today we celebrate the restless journey of Stephen and Joe and the tireless pursuit of God for them to be here today to make their solemn profession of vows with the Augustinians. You, Stephen and Joe, are a sign of hope to me and to us that the journey continues, that the dance continues, that the restless journey, that the tireless pursuit continues! We have so much to celebrate in the two of you, and I am personally grateful for your solemn commitment to us, to the Order, to the Church, to your schools, and to the world.
Live this life - this common life - which is a funny way of life. Let's face it guys, it's a funny way of life, but yet that's what we're called to: to share all things in common. As we heard in that first reading, the Acts of the Apostles, that's what Augustine bases his common life upon. And the one line in there that I want to mention which I think is really terrific: "They took their meals with glad and generous hearts." Glad and generous hearts: that's what we need as religious. We need to be a sign of joy and generosity to the world.
The Gospel talks about laying down your life. That's what you do today. You will prostrate here before us. You will lay down your lives. You will give that gift of your life to the Order and the Church.
It is a restless journey, and God is always in tireless pursuit of us, but you do it together with a community of brothers and a community of believers. Let us continue that journey. Let us continue that dance. And let us ask the Lord to bless Joe and Stephen on this wonderful day.


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