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We are Augustinians. We are Men of Heart. Learn more about us and answer your Restless calling today.


Educators. Pastors. Missionaries. Catholics. 


The Augustinians are Catholic religious priests and brothers following in the footsteps of Christ and Saint Augustine since 1244. We serve God and His people in diverse ministries as pastors, educators, and missionaries.

Why we joined.


Sarfraz Alam, O.S.A.
Hyderabad, Pakistan

“I joined the Augustinians because I wanted to live the Gospel values by following the footsteps of our Holy Father St. Augustine and live in unity and fraternity. It's a life of collection, communion, and connection of people and of God.”


William Gabriel, O.S.A.
Dover, New Hampshire

“I joined the Augustinians because of the vibrant, Augustinian-led, parish I grew up in and my experience of Augustinian spirituality and community as a student at Villanova. I felt called to their gifts of friendship and service that remained rooted in faith, love, and communion. I was drawn by how the friars extended hospitality to neighbor, lived Augustine’s desire for truth, and served as companions in one mind and heart on the way to God.”


Mauricio Morales, O.S.A.

Granada, Nicaragua

“I wanted to become a visible face of God's love for His people, and I felt that God was leading me here to love and to learn from men with the same desire and call."


Jeremy Hiers, O.S.A.
Hebron, Kentucky

“I joined the Augustinians because of the strong sense of community. Our way of life is modeled on accompanying one another through all the ups and downs of our lifelong journey to God. This strengthens us to accompany those we minister to on their journey to God. It is a really beautiful thing to be part of such a close-knit, faith-filled community!”

Get to know the Men of Heart

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Get to know your future family of brothers.

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