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VIDEO: We Are Augustinians. Here Are Our Stories.

Each one of us is unique. Each one has his own talents and character. Together we are of one mind, one heart, on the way to God.

In this video, you will hear a few stories of how men came to the Augustinians, from Novice Tom Abbott, age 23, to Fr. John Byrnes, retired friar and Minister of Presence.

You will hear of career paths that led men through the Pentagon, Criminal Defense, Painting, and more. Yet, all of these men were able to find a place to utilize their talents and backgrounds within the Augustinian Order. In one Call, there may be many ministries.

Video Production Team:

Peter Prokop - Director

Sarah Freitag - Line Producer

Kelsey Brown - Assistant Camera

Madeline Murphy - Assistant Camera

Thomas San Nicolas - Assistant Camera


Fr. Peter Donahue, OSA Fr. Rob Hagan, OSA Fr. Joe Narog, OSA Fr. Richard Cannuli, OSA Fr. John Byrnes, OSA Tom Abbot, Novice Spencer Thomas, Novice


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