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The main purpose of your coming together is to live in one mind and one heart on the way to God

Brother Nick Mullarkey, O.S.A., professed his first Augustinian vows last year, in 2014

In less than one month, new Augustinian Novices will be professing their first vows. These "simple" or "temporary" vows are not only their first vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, but they are also vows to the Augustinian Order.

That is why we reflect on St. Augustine's writing in the Rule of Augustine when he writes:

“The main purpose for your having come together is to live harmoniously in your house, intent upon God, with one heart and one soul. — Rule of Augustine, See Acts 4:32

We profess these vows because they emphasize our commitment to living in community on our journey toward God. We Augustinians profess vows over the Rule of Augustine and the Augustinian Constitution.

To give you a better idea...

We created this 3-minute video of three Augustinian Novices professing their first vows. We hope you enjoy. It offers reflections from two Augustinian Provincials (religious superiors) about what its like to live a life as a religious. We hope you enjoy!


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