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Video: Ordination of Fr. Aldo Potencio, OSA

"Community life gives me a sense of family. Particularly in the Augustinian tradition, we are there as brothers, and we support one another when we are in our highs, and especially when we are in our lows." - Fr. Aldo Potencio, OSA.

Fr. Aldo Potencio, OSA. was ordained to the priesthood in the Augustinian Order on Saturday, August 19 at Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

In this new video, Fr. Aldo offers a glimpse into his vocation journey, especially his experience of Discernment Weekend, also known as the Come and See Weekend:

After I contacted the Vocation Director, we met . . . and he invited me to a discernment weekend. I think it was a very eye-opening experience, because it showed me a glimpse of what Augustinian life is, and can be for me in the future. The way the friars welcomed us, we were treated as one of them. And, how open they were with us, in terms of their story, invited us, I think subconsciously, to be open about our stories as well, about why we were there, about why we were pulled into this discernment weekend . . . I guess that is why I am here!

If you are interested in learning more about the Discernment Weekend, please contact our vocations office!


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