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Confessions App Offers New Look at St. Augustine

The Confessions, re-imagined and designed to look great on your device

As stated in the Constitution of our Order, Augustinian friars should answer “the Church’s call to keep alive the spiritual and doctrinal legacy of Saint Augustine.” We do this in the classroom, in parishes, our writings, and daily lives. As mobile technology takes on a more central role in how people communicate and receive information, it also opens up a new means for our Order to spread the legacy St. Augustine.

In a new Confessions App Book, the Augustinians offer a deeper and more interactive level of engagement for those who are interested in and inspired by the life of St. Augustine.

This app includes all 13 books of the Boulding translation of the Confessions, and includes many special features:

  • walkthrough videos

  • guides for teaching

  • commentary from scholars

  • maps of Augustine's Journey

  • audio readings by Augustinian Friars

  • image galleries of icons, statues, and location photos

Please visit this App book site for more information on what is included and video tutorials that show how to get the most out of this valuable new resource.

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