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Spencer Thomas

MOH 2022 Letter ENG-1 15.png

When did you first feel called to religious life? Do you remember a specific place? A person? 

I attribute the first stirrings of my religious vocation to a Benedictine sister by the name of Sr. Pierre, who was very involved at my home parish.  The joy and intensity of her witness to the faith had a profound impression on me in my grade school years. 

​What's something fun / something you enjoy about living in community?  

I enjoy the common sense of conviction and mission shared in community life. I know that my brothers and I are mutually striving for holiness through our lives of service to the Church, and there is something deeply animating about that shared undertaking.   


What is the best kept secret / most underrated aspect of the Tradition and Spirituality of Augustine?  

In my opinion, one of the most underrated aspects of St. Augustine’s spirituality is his prophetic pastoral sensitivity, which is reflected by his keen social awareness and staunch commitment to the poor of his day.   


Do you have a hobby / passion that you enjoy spending time on?  

One of my favorite pastimes is spending time outdoors hiking.  St. Augustine is attributed as saying, Solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking), and I have certainly found this to be true for me.  Getting out on trail helps me to simply be me, praying to the God of my restless heart and reflecting on the deeper things of life.   

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