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Lou San Vicente

MOH 2022 Letter ENG-1 10.png

​When did you first feel called to religious life? Do you remember a specific place? A person? 

Very early--I must have been around 9. I watched religious movies about Jesus or the bible.

What's something fun / something you enjoy about living in community?  

I like that all the brothers have very different personalities from mine. Their interests, sense of humor, and passion for any given topic is refreshing. 


What is the best kept secret / most underrated aspect of the Tradition and Spirituality of Augustine?  

I would have to say the writings of Augustine, especially on the scriptures, his view on interiority and how to get close to God. 


Do you have a hobby / passion that you enjoy spending time on?  

I am currently reading the Bible and applying Augustine's scripture interpretation criteria, plus reading his other books on the Psalms of David, Christian Doctrine, and other commentaries.  

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