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Emmanuel Isaac

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​When did you first feel called to religious life? Do you remember a specific place? A person? 

I was raised in a religious setting since my childhood. Since my father was a catechist, he taught us basic catholic prayers at home. I remember going for mass every morning with him, and serving as an altar boy at mass, was a daily routine for me and for my brothers. We prayed Holy Rosary every evening as a family. My parents provided us an environment where I learned the basic practices of my catholic faith. I clearly remember it was in my childhood that I felt called to be a religious priest.  As time passed, that desire to serve God and humanity grew up in me.

​What's something fun / something you enjoy about living in community?  

As an Augustinian, I cherish the company of my brothers.  We eat, pray, laugh, and struggle together and that spirit of community where we support, care, help each other keeps me moving on to be a true follower of Jesus Christ our Lord and Master. 

What is the best kept secret / most underrated aspect of the Tradition and Spirituality of Augustine?  

Augustinian interiority perhaps.  I do not think it is an underrated aspect of the tradition and spirituality of St. Augustine.  I am saying this, because we live in a fast-paced world where most people are busy on social media, work, and chasing their dreams.  They forget about their inner self/space where the actual happiness dwells, the God. I think the Augustinian interiority would be an aspect that I consider to be practiced and talked about the most in this day and age.  


Do you have a hobby / passion that you enjoy spending time on?  

I like to read Urdu classical poetry and enjoy listening the Urdu classical music.  Other than that, I enjoy walking and running.  

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