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Augustinian Vocation Awareness Week 2022

The Call to be Happy, Healthy and Whole

Fr. Joe Narog, O.S.A.

In discernment, and the goal for any of us in life, but particularly in religious life is, are you Happy, Healthy and Whole — Spirit, Mind and Body? We focus on all those in discernment and in formation because they’re critical in our human development, as well as Augustinian religious.

Happiness isn’t simply — I have a bigger car or bigger house, happiness often comes from our giving of ourselves to others. And that is one of the key things of meaning and purpose in a vocation, you feel like you are doing something for others and for something bigger than yourself. And for us, as Augustinians, it would be God. As our spiritual father, St. Augustine, says in his Rule, we strive to be “intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart,” as we accompany and support one another on the journey.

Please watch and share the videos below, including my talking on camera about the role St. Augustine played in my call, Hiking in the Rockies, and as our Provincial, Fr. Rob Hagan, O.S.A., shares in Barstool Confessions his life experiences that he draws on today.

Join us as we continue to pray for vocations to the Augustinian way of life.

Embracing Life Experiences
Finding Purpose in My Life
Augustine’s Role in My Call
Importance of Family
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