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Joe Murray, O.S.A., Ordained an Augustinian Priest!

On the grounds of Villanova University, where the Augustinian Order has served since 1842, one man entered a new holy relationship with the Church. Joseph Aloysius Murray, O.S.A., became one of the most recent Augustinians to enter the priesthood.

When asked why the newly ordained Fr. Murray wanted to join the Augustinians, he explained:

“As Augustinians we seek to share everything in common, to be of one mind and one heart on our way to God - together. We seek to help one another to be more Christ-like, to be better servants to the holy people of God. These are not always easy tasks, and one must continually seek to grow in such a love. In the Augustinians I find a great sense of welcome, hope, and enthusiasm for preaching and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

— Fr. Joe Murray, O.S.A.

Fr. Murray is now not only a solemnly professed Augustinian in our Order, but he has also received the sacrament of Holy Orders so that he may be of priestly service to God and His Church. Moreover, Fr. Murray's priestly ordination marks the end of his initial formation (or you might know it as our 9 Steps of the Augustinian Formation Process). But if you ask any Augustinian, they will tell you that his formation is ongoing; it is lifelong. His ongoing formation as a priest will continue as he lives in community life with other Augustinians and as he devotes his life to priestly ministry.

Congratulations, Father Joe. We know it's been a long journey for you. It is our hope that some young man will watch this video above, this video of your priestly ordination, and will take the next step in discerning his vocation by taking action and reaching out to seek more.

God bless you in your ministry, Fr. Joe!


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